The equine industry is a large domain filled with passion and promise, fact and fiction, opinions and reality. It is also an arena fueled with love and hate, intolerance and compromise and joy and suffering. There is much that separates “sides” between rescuer and dealer, owner and broker, pet and property  but also much that brings us together. In reality, very little in horses that is truly black and white- there is often a less talked about gray. We are all a part of the problem, all a part of the solution and we all impact and are impacted by, the horses in our lives. 

That’s why, in an effort to promote awareness, here at Tomten Farm and Sanctuary, we choose to put pettiness aside.  We are teaming up with a lifelong equine professional, a ‘dealer’ of sorts, for a series of blog posts designed to educate and stimulate, thought, discussion and hopefully, change. Together, as time permits, we will do our best to work and write and share,  with courtesy and respect to create a unique series designed to: open minds, open hearts and perhaps even open a gate between two different schools of thought.

In light of the potential impact our conversations could make on his life and his business, I have suggested that our guest “speaker” remain anonymous. As we all know honesty can fuel hatred and intolerance and as we strive to break through barriers,  I believe we must do so cautiously, one step, one word, one fence at a time.

Please join us we enter uncharted territory and expand our journey. It is bound to be an interesting ride filled with insights, observations and sometimes just simple, yet powerful thoughts like this one, a reflection from a professional horseman.
“A horse doesn’t get to pick his owner” 
As I read those words again, I realize our horses are only as good as we are as human beings and I am humbled by its truth and the responsibility behind it. Perhaps if more of us, myself included, remembered this every day we would do more and be more for the horses (animals) in our lives.

Thank you for accompanying us on our journey. We welcome your comments and observations. 


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